Vorbasse Fritidscenter

At Vorbasse Camping, we are next door neighbour to Vorbasse Fritidscenter, the local leisure centre.

At the leisure centre, there are 2 activity-sports halls, a large lovely indoor swimming pool with 3 pools including 2 hot water pools, sauna, and a new fitness center.

If you stay with us, you can use the fitness center with good discount. One day DKK 25. Ask in the reception for more details.

The cafeteria offers healthy food, junk food, salad bar, and today’s special of a hot meal. The center is open every day, and the swimming pool is for free when you stay with us on the campsite.

Just next to the swimming area, there is a nice library.

See opening hours here

Find your way to the campsite

In scenic surroundings

Click on the link below to get a map of the location of Vorbasse Camping. Here, you will find a travel advice to the campsite as well.