Must see

Givskud Zoo

Givskud Zoo is only 35 km from Vorbasse Camping. It is an amazing zoo with many different animals, playgrounds, and the best ice cream. You are guaranteed a great day for the whole family. 

With just one ticket, you get admission to three different experiences. A visit to Givskud Zoo is much more than the classic zoo experience. You can also go on safari and visit the dinosaur park.

If you want to make the most of your visit, you should reserve at least 5-6 hours for the visit at Givskud Zoo.


Lalandia is only 12 km from Vorbasse Camping, and it is one of the biggest water attractions in Denmark and south Germany. It is a fantastic experience for the whole family.

Visit Lalandia in Billund and discover the newest attractions: the lightning-fast Turbo Racer water slide and the wild Adventure Tower climbing tower.

Enjoy the tropical climate in the Aquadome and take a trip down the water slides.

Also discover the great shops and child-friendly restaurants in the holiday centre.


Legoland is one of the top attractions for children and their parents – only 12 km from Vorbasse Camping. 

Let the adventure begin in Legoland!
Get the ultimate experience in the roller coasters such as Flying Eagle, Dragen and X-treme Racers, which will make you laugh and scream.

Challenge the ninjas in Lego Ninjago The Ride, make your bones rattle with fear in Ghost – The Haunted House, experience Legoland from the top in LEGOTOP, or see the world famous buildings and places in the Miniland.

LEGO House

The impressive LEGO House – the ultimate universe for LEGO lovers – is only 12 km from Vorbasse Camping and is definitely worth a visit. 

LEGO House, “Home of the Brick”, is the ultimate experience centre in Billund – the hometown of the LEGO brick.

12,000 m2 large and filled with 25 million LEGO bricks, LEGO waterfalls and giant animals and plants. The house offers experiences for children of all ages, who want to develop creatively and explore the endless possibilities for learning through play through the LEGO brick.

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