Facilities on campsite

Toilets and shower rooms

At Vorbasse Camping, we have a service building available with toilets and showers – both with a children’s toilet and a disabled toilet.

The service building is equipped with a separate washbasin with curtain, toilets and 3 large shower rooms that have been newly renovated.

In both the men’s and women’s sections, there is a children’s toilet and a separate disabled toilet with a shower. There is also a hairdryer in the women’s department.

The rooms are painted in light and friendly colours, and we make sure that it is always clean, neat and inviting.

Baby changing room, laundry and family room

At Vorbasse Camping, we have both changing rooms and family rooms available.

Our baby changing room is a really cozy oasis with toys, teddy bears, pictures and a nice bathtub. There is a car seat and a high chair – so little sister/little brother can easily join when bathing.

Our 4 family rooms are large and bright, and there is a baby changing area in all 4. They are equipped with 2 showers in each, so it is easy to bathe the children at the same time. The first family room is equipped for disabled use with extra handles and bath chair.

Our family room is dedicated to families with children, so the whole family can take a shower easily and simply.

Kitchen and terrace

Our lovely, large and bright kitchen is well equipped with 6 gas burners, 3 ovens and 1 microwave. You can also sit and eat your food in the cozy dining area.

In the kitchen, there is also the possibility to use various crockery, pots, pans, coffee machine, toaster, etc., which are available for free use.

While you are enjoying yourself cooking, you can keep an eye on the children in the playground or look out for those sitting just outside the kitchen on the large, newly laid out, covered terrace, where there is dining space for up to 30 people.

In the summer of 2018, a large shared barbecue was made for free use. The terrace is cozy with cozy lights in the evening, and everyone is very welcome to use it.

Should it get a bit bitterly cold, you are welcome to eat or enjoy yourself in the “comfort corner”, located just outside the kitchen.

Living room

If the weather is dull and gray, you can spend the time in our living room, where you can, among other things, can watch TV, play pool or a board game.

At Vorbasse Camping, we have a nice large living room with space for play and fun. There is a cozy area with TV and a play area with toys for the children.

The living room with two toilets can be used for e.g. birthdays, fun and communal dining. It can be used by everyone, and if it is rented privately for closed parties, it costs DKK 500.

It is also possible to borrow games in the store.

There is absolutely no reason to be bored at Vorbasse Camping!

Find your way to the campsite

In scenic surroundings

Click on the link below to get a map of the location of Vorbasse Camping. Here, you will find a travel advice to the campsite as well.